Teacher’s method of teaching is transforming towards online classes, as an impact of covid-19.



Teacher’s method of teaching is transforming towards online classes, as an impact of covid-19.


Today world is facing serious problems due to covid-19 (corona) virus. So, it’s necessary to follow precautions governs by government to be safe and healthy. Due to impact of covid-19, every business sector across the world suffers a lot (i.e.): schools, colleges, manufacturing industries, IT sectors and so forth.

But,it’snot that much difficult because, human’s innovation is far ahead that even can help to create and defeat the virus as well. So, even in this bad situation every sector trying to prove their better productivity. One such example for this situation is online classes. We all have known that education sectors suffering a lot due to covid-19.

That’s why teaching is transforming into online classes.

Let’s discuss in deep that, “what are the solutions for these situations?”

Impact of Covid-19 on Education

Due to challenging situation, transformation is a crucial thing. Every transformation might bring better results than before. As same as that, education transformation hasalso brought huge benefits.

The major issues due to impact of covid-19 on education includes examination postponed, education disruption, standardized universities (i.e.) [GRE, NEET, GATE] exam cancellation and so on.

Moreover, the structure of schooling and learning, including teaching & assessment methodologies are the first mostly affected by these closures. Thus, these fortunately lead to affect the economical levels.

Why Online Education is Important?

We are all know that education is the only weapon that no can destroy. But this covid-19 pandemic is causing more than 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school and increases dropout rates drastically.

To overcome these crises, e-learning which means internet learning (or) online classes for students all over the world might support to fight against this situation.

The platform e-learning (or) online classes for students to learn endless and teacher can teach their syllabus in virtual classrooms.

Even before the pandemic, online classes already have high reach. But, during this pandemic, it reaches more massively than before.

Everyone might have question that, why it is needed?

Education is not only about learning, it’s about developing social skills, knowledge and so on. It’s all about learning to be a citizen. So that’s why it is needed.

Solution for Education during this Pandemic

Over billions of students across worldwide are unable to go to school (or) college due to measures to stop the spread of covid-19 virus. So, teaching transformed into online classes which is the wise solution during covid-19 pandemic. As, we take this as a challenge and introducing an innovative platform to be apart to avoid education disruption.

GreenPen-LMS (Learning Management System) is an efficient platform to learn.

For virtual classes, we integrated zoom live to this platform to experiences comforts and real time classes.

Features add up on this platform includes descriptive type answer evaluation, teacher-student forum chat to get answers for unsolved questions and doubts. It has a multi-lingual learning management system.

Moreover, teachers can assign test for students and evaluate their performance by their reports.


In this situation, every human being in this world is responsible to stop this massive spread by staying separate from the body and together by heart.

Let’s destroy the hurdles for education during this pandemic and learn endless!

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