K-12 Education after COVID-19 for schools.



K-12 Education after COVID-19 for schools


Through this blog, we take great responsibility in briefing about the new spreading virus and bring awareness. COVID-19 is a coronavirus which is an infectious disease to all the age groups. It spreads mainly through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The person affected with COVID-19 virus will experience respiratory illness.

The best way to prevent infected by coronavirus is to be well informed about the virus and its causes. Protect yourselves and your family from infection by washing your hands with sanitizers, avoid touching your face often and maintain social distancing.

This pandemic has impacted many things in our day to day life and our lifestyles. It has also affected small businesses and thus, leading to the employees losing their jobs. In addition to the affected list of COVID-19 education of students have been affected tremendously.

How to not let COVID-19 affect Education:

Education is the important factor in conquering the future world. Nothing serves best then the education in this growing world. Over the survey, 42% of parents worry about their children’s education due to this virus spread. Our human nature has found and invented many interesting things and devices as per the growing need of human. Among that, we could say, Internet and Technology would be amazing one.

Internet is used many factors, during this pandemic, e-learning would be best option to be considered for educating the students. Even before COVID-19, there was already high growth in education technology. The impacts of COVID-19 has even more taught us the massive use of e-learning.

During this pandemic, parents and teachers holds important role by providing confidence and encouragement. Students can be continued to educate remotely. So far, students/children have had the regular routine includes going to school, doing homework, playing and learn something new every day. No wonder, it will be hard for both children and parents to schedule themselves a daily routine effectively during shutdown days. Students can be taught effectively from home by their teachers. Educating students does not only include classrooms and benches, there’s more to it.

It is possible, that the teachers can schedule the classes remotely through video conferencing tools to make the students more attentive.

Greenpen-LMS (Learning Management System)

Greenpen LMS is the new innovative idea of Greenpen team. The most affected field due to COVID-19 is the education and the future of younger generation. Greenpen is the flexible and user-friendlyplatform for teachers and students. We have integrated ZOOM live to this platform for virtual classes to make students feel comfortable like being in actual learning class.

  • Greenpen platform has a multi-lingual learning management system.
  • This platform is first of its kind to include a descriptive type answers evaluation, where teachers can evaluate descriptive type answers written offline by the students.
  • Personalized teacher-students chat forum has been added to get answers for unsolved questions immediately from expert teachers.
  • Teachers can assign tests for students. And students can even evaluate themselves on their performance by their instant test reports.

We hope, this pandemic will not be a barrier to education for K-12 students.

Let’s not stop learning, even if we stop going to school.

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